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5 Types of Soil Microbes And What They Do For Plants

We are all feeling the pressure to do more with less. Each state is talking about restricting fertilizer and phosphorus, and although these things are great for the environment it can also make it difficult to reach our needs when it comes to plant growth. What can we do to help both our plants and ourselves? It all comes down to microbes. Here is (1) how much fertilizer actually goes to the plant and (2) the role microbes play in fertilizer. If you’d rather dig deeper into this topic, skip the text and watch our webinar featuring Holganix President...

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Redefining Greenhouse Work Management

Technology is changing the way employers and employees interact in every industry. Now, this same technology is in the hands of farmers — and it’s changing the way operations are run. Labor is the largest single expenditure for greenhouse operators. I’ve seen workflow managed by spreadsheets, clipboards, whiteboards, and not at all. A grower we work with who manages over 100 acres has employees scan barcodes associated to task categories when they complete a task, which then creates a list of completed tasks in an excel spreadsheet. It’s a pretty nifty way to look at completed work. It also points out...

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Top 5 Plant and Soil Science TED Talks

At Holganix, we are self-appointed soil geeks. Learning about new trends, research and theories that are happening in the field makes us tick. We bet it gets you excited too! Here are our top 5 favorite plant and soil science TED Talks.

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