Author: Innovation Anarchy

10x Payback on Tomatoes

“Last year, I ran into an agronomist from Red Gold – a big tomato processor in Indiana and told him about Holganix,” reflects Mark Sybouts, Sales and Product Development Manager of Holganix distributor, Advanced Turf Solutions. Red Gold processes 12,000 acres of tomatoes from the Indiana, Michigan and Ohio regions.

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Why Electric Tractors Lead Cars In The Race To Self Drive

Despite all the media attention and focus on Elon Musk, electric cars, and self-driving Ubers, the main industry steering towards autonomous and electric vehicles is agriculture. Over recent years, electric farming has opened up a wealth of interest from around the world as businesses and individuals look towards new alternatives to reduce CO2 levels and improve production efficiency. Now, with prototypes in motion and huge industry players sitting in the driver’s seat, electric tractors are soon to be available for farms across the globe.

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Why Gene Therapy Is the Future of Medicine

Gene therapy is changing how we fundamentally deal with disease treatment for inheritable diseases and many others. It’s enabling cures once thought impossible, although the companies leading the way are facing regulation and payment pathways that will have to change.

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