At one time, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, and hundreds of other known entrepreneurs sat alone on their first day of work. Though current success might bury the past, all of these entrepreneurs were once wide-eyed, curious, and clueless. They did not have a set of rules to follow or a red carpet rolled out at every turn. They risked, created and tested; they uncovered answers, met with fear and failure, and took wild guesses along the way.

This story – the true story behind every entrepreneur, innovation or breakthrough – is not what we listen to or perceive. We see outcomes that motivate us, then end up limited by unreal expectations. We hear fortune favors the bold, but forget that trust is earned. We assume all CEOs were born accountants, on-air personalities and without flaw, and we compare our weaknesses to other’s strengths.

Innovation Anarchy seeks to correct all of this. To uncover the truth. To create authenticity in the world of entrepreneurship. When real stories are shared, a more realistic scene is set, and real change can be obtained. If you’re reading this, you know of the less sexy moments, the instances of doubt, and the random, completely unseen wins that change the game entirely.

Innovation Anarchy harnesses the power of authentic experience to offer advice and anecdotes to entrepreneurs at every phase. Readers are able to seek specific answers from first-person narratives of founding teams, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors – from their first trial or tribulation to their eighth lesson learned. To contribute, please email your essay to There are no rules and no formats (except that an ideal length is 300-1,000 words). You have a story to share and your story will help inspire the course of other entrepreneurs, and ultimately the course of our world.

If you need help, our editors can fill in the blanks.

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