Innovation is about altering technology to meet the needs of a market. Researchers can dream a 1,000 things, but success comes when someone actually buys the product, in quantity, in a way that builds a business. Often what a researcher thinks is best, is not what is best for success in the market. There are many examples of weak technology becoming a market leader, the most often noted is Microsoft Windows. Microsoft’s success though was really about reducing the cost of owning a computer. Microsoft developed a common operating system that let anyone build a computer, load the OS, and run any application. Microsoft grew because customers were more interested in interoperability than the explicit quality of the operating system.

And so, to help innovators better understand the barriers to innovation, Innovation Anarchy focuses on outlining the explicit market barriers searching for a technical innovation. The choice of a Wiki lets a wide range of users articulate issues, in a particular context, so that innovators can better understand the market, user needs, and any other issue effecting success.

Though people often think about Innovation as something that should be proprietary or secret, research shows that an element of collaboration speeds the innovation cycle. So, Innovation Anarchy is less about how to develop the technology and more about “What needs to be true” to solve a market issue. We are not sure how to structure this Wiki, but it shall evolve with user involvement.

  • For Innovators Innovation Anarchy helps you focus your solution
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