Author: Carter Williams

Uncovering the ‘Easter Eggs’ Of Innovation

Every year when we were kids, myself and my brothers and sister would color Easter eggs the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Later that night, after we were all asleep, my mother, father, and any other dinner guests would hide those Easter eggs for us while we were sleeping. The next morning, we’d wake up and there would probably be about three dozen Easter eggs hidden throughout the house. Our job as children was to find all of the hidden eggs. One year the Saturday adult dinner party ran particularly long. Cocktails and several bottles of wine were consumed before the “hiding...

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Innovation Is Deflationary

The world has changed a lot in the last 40 years, and we have innovation to thank for almost all of it. In the 1970s, the bottom 10% of earners couldn’t afford a car, a TV, an apartment…anything. Today things are different. No matter how poor you are, you can afford all sorts of things — two TV sets, a car, an Xbox, two computers air conditioning, and still be in the bottom 10% on the economic scale. The data says that incomes haven’t really increased at all, but our buying power has increased dramatically over the years.

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It’s About Growth, Stupid

There is only one thing that will fix things in this country: Growth Growth pays down the deficit. Growth eliminates tradeoffs. Growth reduces dependency on the social safety net. While the quants are running through the numbers, somehow including all the factors that net into “will or won’t the tax plan work,” there is one key variable that fixes all their models: annual GDP growth going from 2.8% to 4%. The market already figured this out and made its calculation on election day. Major economists and the DC quants said the market would go down if Clinton lost. The...

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