I run a venture firm focused on healthcare and agriculture. While many venture funds raise money from large distant institutional investors, we focus on individual investors, entrepreneurs, and local economic ecosystems. We also focus on technologies/business that have a shortfall in venture capital. While silicon valley is great in a few areas, in the 70s it was an emerging ecosystem of innovation. The rest of the US is a bit like Silicon Valley in the 70s. Great smart people, investors, and early adopter customers, but a bit unconnected within the network of people and companies required for emerging companies to succeed.
So, we set up the mechanisms for investors to improve funding, which is iSelect
But now, we need to set up the mechanisms for startups to find early adopter customers, and capable talent to join great entrepreneurs. While we could reach this network through a big digital marketing effort, we aren’t. Instead, we are taking the lessons of growth hacking to get our hands deep in the soil.
Our first stab in the dark is to create a content promotion network. What does that mean? We are forming a backchannel content network where startups can post links to engaging content, and other like-minded peers are notified so they can help the cause by cross-posting/liking. We are not sure this is the most effective approach, but it is a step. It reduces all our marketing and business development costs. You can join here. https://join.slack.com/t/innovationanarchy/signup
But also, I want to hack stronger ideas.