Author: Tim Sprinkle

The Journey to Fully Traceable Crops

There are three big challenges with food safety compliance today: it is expensive and time intensive to document, the regulations apply primarily to packing and shipping not growing, and the regulations are relatively vague.

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What’s an ‘Angel Customer’?: Entrepreneur Blake Marggraff Explains What the Market Is Missing

The concept of the “angel investor” — those affluent individuals who step in and provide seed capital for a startups at the very earliest stages of their development — is well known today. These are the first investors, the first advocates and, often, the first connections that startups have to the larger business world. But an “angel customer”? That’s a new one. In practice, this angel serves a similar role as a seed stage investor, but on the customer / product side of the company. A startup’s angel customer is their first real client, the customer who they scale...

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Nematodes? Tiny Worms, Big Trouble for Growers

Pathogenic nematodes are microscopic roundworms, but they represent a BIG problem for growers and turf professionals. In fact, according to a study published by the Society of Nemtaologists, pathogenic nematodes are responsible for an estimated 14% loss of all economically important crops worldwide, translating to over $100 billion annually. That’s a big problem. And it’s been a challenging one to address due to the fact that pathogenic nematodes feed on plant roots, damaging them and draining nutrients from the plant from underground. This can decrease yields and increase the plant’s susceptibility to other stresses. Growers and turf professionals suffering...

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